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Taken from Gods Eater Burst's database:

A huge Aragami with a tank-like armor. Capable of intense shelling, emulating a man-made weapon: also displays surprising mobility for its colossal size. Thought to have first appeared on the Mediterranean coast.

Hard to run one's sword through its armor. Blast its missile pods with gunfire, or bring it down by shooting its legs. When activated rage, its anti-physical elements become more effective.

Quadriga is a damgerous aragami. For starters, having a gigantic monster bombard you with 12 missiles at a time is no joke. But he's not actually that hard to beat, given that you have the right equipment, items and knowledge of this monstrosity. First, you have to cut down the front legs with Long Sword to deal decent amounts of damage to weaken it and make it fall. Then, you can either break its missile pods or hit the 2 wing-like appendages on its nape. The appendages are his secondary weakness. After hurting him enough, he will open his chest and fire a massive nissile. The open chest is his greatest weakness. Use these tips and he'll be down in no time.


Ice, Divine


Fallen Quadriga