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Age: Unknown
Relations: None
Rank: Changes
Equipment: Your choice

Norn DatabaseEdit

(1) The first New-Type to join the Far East Branch. Dr. Paylor Sakaki's medical check acknowledges the high potential in the individual. Assigned to the branch at the same time as Kota Fujiki.

(2) Took over Lindow Amamiya's position after he was deemed MIA in the "Moon in the Welkin" mission. It was an unusual promotion since this was the first New-Type leader of the Far East Branch. Contribution to Alisa Amiella's quick mental recovery and her return to duty has gained much acclaim by the higher ups who have high hopes.

(3) Gained much recognition for taking a major role in preventing Director Schicksal from carrying out the Ark Project, and remains trusted by the whole Far East Branch after transitioning to the new order under Acting Director Paylor Sakaki Remarkable growth has been seen since the former Director 's order, and expectations remain high. This info is restricted to the Far East Branch.

(4) Contributed to the search and rescue of former 1st Unit leader, Lindow Amamiya, who was thought to have been killed by the ex-Director . This was highly regarded as a humanitarian act and is recognized as actions of a role model Gods Eater. To note, Lindow Amamiya did not return as 1st Unit leader, but currently works under Acting Director Sakaki as a ranger, and mainly serves a role as instructor for new Gods Eater recruits.