God Arc

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Norn DatabaseEdit

(1) The only weapon that can be used against Aragami. It is actually an Aragami with a man-made core called Artificial CNS. Gods Eaters control their God Arcs through their armlets, using intravenously injected Bias Factor as a catalyst. In order to wield a God Arc, Oracle Cells must be embedded deep inside a human body and linked to his nerves: it is essential that his genetic makeup be compatible with the God Arc in question.

(2) Should a Gods Eater be linked to a non-compatible God Arc, the human body will be devoured by the God Arc's Oracle Cells. To prevent this, Possible Matches are selected after genetic analysis. Only a small number of God Arcs once wielded by the deceased or retired are passed down to the next generation, but there are many God Arcs gathering dust in the warehouse, still waiting to be matched.

(3) God Arcs can be equipped with specialized custom parts: Blade Parts, Gun Parts, and Shield Parts. Custom parts are made of Aragami flesh: ot to be more precise, of the Oracle Cells that comprise an Aragami's body. When a Gods Eater vanquishes an Aragami during a mission, he receives a pourcentage of the retrieved Oracle Cells as a reward. This is used to bolster his God Arc.

(4) A God Arc that has lost its wielder must be regularly serviced to maintain the Artificial CNS until the next Match is found. This cost can be very expensive, resulting in debates among many branches. Finding a solution is an urgent task. During maintenance, the Arc's devouring instinct surfaces, making it very dangerous even for a Gods Eater with Bias Factor to touch the weapon. This is usually done in the storage area with a special manipulator system.

(5) 1st Unit Leader and Corporal Amamiya report that there is a persona to the Artificial CNS in the Corporal's Arc. Close investigation and research must be done to find out if an Arc can gain its own mind. When a non-Match comes in contact with an Arc, they would immediately be infected: however, seeing that there was no severe damage done to the 1st Unit Leader, there is a high possibility that a persona had already existed within the Arc at that point.

(New-Type God Arc) Recently developed by the Fenrir HQ, these God Arcs can instantly switch between close-combat and long-distance attack mode, a flexibility sure to prove invaluable in various scenarios on the battlefield. However, its conditions for compatibility are more stringent than for Old-Type God Arcs, and Matches are quite rare. Because of this, there are still many unknown regarding the New-Type God Arc's effects on human bodies.