Borg Camlann

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Taken from Gods Eater Burst's database:

A scorpion-like Aragami with a stinger and shield. Resembles a knight, with metallic outer skin. Attacks after causing its enemy to lose balance. First appeared in the south of Great Britain.

Displays remarkable power and range when attacking with its tail. Hard to destroy its shell by sword, so knock it off balance by slashing its legs, then shooting at its weak point - the mouth.

This aragami is quite the fighter. His aggresion and power makes him a formidable opponent. He is weak to Crush and Pierce. Crush his hind legs to make him fall, then unleash your all-out Pierce combo at his mouth. Make sure to bring a powerful shield, because his attacks are quite devastating.


Ice, Spark


Fallen Borg Camlann (Red)

Fallen Borg Camlann (Yellow)