Aragami - Amaterasu


Taken from Gods Eater Burst's database:

A giant Type 1 Deusphage. A statue of a goddess rests where its head is believed to be, giving it a godly aura. Origin is unknown.

Its large fireballs,'black fireballs(enraged), lasers, and tentacles have the most dangerous range and power, but blade attacks are more effective against the statue of the goddess. Use stun grenades and concentrate your attacks to find the moment of victory.


Spark attribute and Pierce-type blades are its main weakness. Pierce seems to do heavier attacks. If you have gotten your hands on a blade called Paige for example, then you can use it on Amaterasu. Pierce does a huge amount of damage to this Ouroboros-type Aragami. Since Gun-type weapons barely affect Amaterasu, you'll have to rely mostly on close-range combat. If you're going to use a gun, use for healing bullets ONLY. Send in some stun grenades to help slow it down. Be careful of its strength. It is a VERY powerful aragami whose strength is next to Alda Nova and Hannibal. Using pierce weapons with Spark attribute will be your greatest edge against her.



Fallen Ouroboros